Dental Ventures - ZAPIT BASE

  1. When applying base, if a large quantity is required, apply in layers rather than one bulk application. Be sure to accelerate between layers.
  2. When accelerating use a fine mist.
  3. To ensure a smooth surface, apply accelerator first, then base. This action will cause setting from the inside out.
  4. Eliminate the possibility of a warped bridge due to wax shrinkage. Use a razor to section the abutments of a bridge. Place a drop of Zapit in each joint and apply accelerator to the joint on both sides. Zapit will preserve the relationship without the shrinkage and stress associated with cooling wax. Wax can then be applied over the Zapit for final contour. Should a nonparallel abutment situation exist, the Zapit joint will crack upon removal of the waxed bridge identifying the problem before casting.
  5. Keeping Zapit Tips working like new all the time is very easy. When a Tip clogs, and we know it will, simply place the clogged tip into the bottle of TIP CLEANER. Place the supplied clean tip on the bottle. When it becomes clogged, remove the now clean tip from the TIP CLEANER bottle and insert the clogged one. Repeat this technique as required.
  6. Using all the Zapit Base you paid for can be accomplished by fabricating a little stand/holder of plaster or calling DVA for one. The holder should place the Zapit Base bottle in a horizontal position with the tip end angled slightly below the horizontal when not in use. The remaining base material will accumulate in the corner area of the bottle next to the tip, providing a shorter distance for the material to flow into the tip.
  7. Painting on Zapit Accelerator with the felt tip applicator pen may be preferred to spraying. The Accelerator pen provides for the controlled application of Zapit Accelerator to a specific area only prior to the application of Zapit Base.
  8. Use Zapit as a fast spacer for bleaching trays.
  9. Loose or rocking dies can be quickly stabilized with Zapit. Apply a separator (VSS) to the interproximal walls, below the margin of the loose die. Make certain the die is properly seated. Apply a small amount of Zapit Base in the saw cut area just below the margin. The Zapit Base should wick in and be suspended within the joint. Apply Zapit Accelerator into the joint area from both sides of the die and allow to set for at least one minute. The stabilized, lubricated die is now removable with the hardened Zapit Base filling the joint and adhering to adjacent wall.


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